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Business Development and Sales Responsibilities
  • Respond to potential client inquiries detailing the services offered by CSC/Koehler Group, fee structures, incorporation and annual compliance requirements for China companies, WFOE structures and taxation, and bank accounting opening formalities.
  • Cross-sell CSC/Koehler Group services to existing clients.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with referral partners.
  • Participate in CSC/Koehler Group’s business development and marketing initiatives by attending networking events, speaking at in-person seminars and online webinars, and sharing CSC/Koehler Group’s marketing content with clients, potential clients, and referral partners
Customer Service Responsibilities
  • Serve as the CSC/Koehler Group’s primary point of contact with clients to ensure responsive and high-quality customer service.
  • Work closely with CSC/Koehler Group’s local tax, accounting, corporate secretarial, and trade support teams to assist clients in their daily business operations, and communicate any upcoming deadlines or missing documentation.
  • Resolve any client service issues with direction from CSC/Koehler Group’s in-house accountants and corporate secretary
  • Maintain relationships with existing clients through regular contact by phone, email, and in-person meetings.
  • Invoice clients for services and follow-up with clients on outstanding or overdue invoices

Job Requirements / Responsibilities:

Education, Experience, Certification and Training Requirements
  • Bachelor Degree in law and/or accounting (preferred) or engineering, business, logistics, or other related fields is beneficial but not required
  • 5-7 years’ work experience. Experience in related industries (accounting, law firms.) as well as in industry-related companies (automotive, trade, engineering, high-technology, etc.) and experience managing people is beneficial. Job Skills and Competencies for this position (lesser work experience will be considered)
  • Appropriate Education, Experience, Certification and Training requirements
Job Skills and Competencies
  • Comfortable working in a multilingual environment; Fluent in English and Spanish OR Fluent in English and French. Other languages are beneficial.
  • Comfortable working for a multi-cultural company; comfortable working with different cultures
  • Candidate must be professional, presentable, highly organized, and customer-service oriented
  • Professional, presentable and punctual.
  • Seeking a challenging environment, motivated to improve, and a fast learner.
  • Must possess a strong business sense.
  • Culturally sensitive and open minded.
  • Successful, confident and ambitious.
  • Hardworking, active and persistent.
  • Independent, solution---driven and mature judgment.
  • Organized, thorough and analytical
  • Communicative and a team player
  • Good computer skills, including Excel, PowerPoint and Word


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